Ok this is my website for trading LIVE metal bootlegs. I'm just starting out so my collection is rather small.
My Guidelines/Standards

The formats I trade with....

What I'm looking for....
Anything by any progressive or power metal band. Any metal VHS TAPES!
The List!
Artist Date Name Location Source Quality
Blind Guardian ??? Nightfall in Rome (2CD) Rome Crowd B
Demons and Wizards ??? German Crusade Ballingen Soundboard A-
Dream Theatre 02/19/02 Master Of Puppets Barcelona Soundboard A
Blind Guardian ??? Nightfall in The East (2CD) Tokyo Soundboard A+

No Videos Yet.
If you wanna trade contact me:
Email MeHere!
My ICQ is 146476082.
And My MSN is hendrix_druid@hotmail.com